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For many of our targets when link building the route to gaining those best links is to find ways to engage with the journalists and publications that have the most trust and relevancy. The task of finding, pitching and working with journalists and writers spans many of the key disciplines in digital PR and requires long term planning, strategic goals and coordinated content production and outreach.
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Finding The Right Journalists

In most digital PR campaigns the task of aligning the content being produced with the publications that are relevant to your message and audience is key. It’s also vital that when you have identified the places you want to try and pitch to that you identify the journalists who write for them and what they value in a story.

Pitch Profiling

You might have some content that you believe is amazing but if that content does not align with the stories or current goals of the journalist you’re pitching to then the campaign will fail. We employ a system we call ‘Pitch Profiling’ that allows us to create a profile of the journalist before we pitch. We aim to know where they post, what they like to write about, how they like to write and how they like to be approached. By doing so and by crafting a relevant story at a time when they are looking for such content we stand the best chance of gaining a favourable response from any pitches we do.
pitch profiling

Understanding The True Technical Nature Of The Link

Many digital PR agencies focus on the national publications or ‘hero links’ that look amazing on a client report. We are a firmly ‘link focussed’ agency and as such we are very aware of all the different signals that a digital PR coverage link can pass. You may have gained a link from a major news outlet and that will convey a lot of trust and relevancy to your content but if that publications publishes 500 stories a day then the pure technical link equity that the link can pass will be lower than if you’d gained a link from a more niche but focussed publication. Digital PR done with a focus on the total value of a link provides you with the right mix of coverage to gain the maximum benefit for the campaign.

Fostering Long Term Partnerships

We don’t simply pitch and run, we aim to foster long term relationships with the journalists we work with. By working in partnership over a long period we are able to remain a valued resource for them when they have a new story they want to work on.
Long term relationships
Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

Nowadays the attention of those people we need to reach with our marketing extends beyond the traditional media and into the world of influencers who often have an engaged and important audience that trusts them and their content. We are focussed on the success of our marketing campaigns and often the projection of our message to these audiences can help power that success. Just because engagement with an influencer doesn’t garner a traditional link doesn’t mean that we don’t value it as part of a link building or digital PR campaign. There can be benefits in all aspects of marketing, trust, relevancy and visibility.

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