New nofollow attributes, what they mean


Google have announced that they are adding some more attributes to the rel=nofollow that can be added to links to help Google understand the intention behind the link.

They have introduced two new attributes that can be added to links, they are: –

And of course we still have the original Nofollow attribute

Whilst Google have suggested that they regard all of these as ‘hints’ about how they should deal with the link in question I think its clear that we should regard each of the nofollow variants as actually operating the same.

For our purposes all links that have a nofollow or nofollow variant on them should be regarded as unlikely to be passing their value.

There has long been a debate in SEO on whether nofollow passes any value at all or not. Our advice is that nofollow does not pass any real value and in normal circumstances it’s unlikely to be helping you from a link perspective.

These new changes do not alter that view. The new attributes should be regarded as the same as nofollow for linking purposes and the fact that Google suggests they are simply a ‘hint’ should not be used as a reason to justify nofollow as being now a valid link for SEO purposes.

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