Being a link building and outreach agency we understand that doing outreach well is something that it's hard to do and important to get right. Good outreach protects your reputation and powers the success of any digital marketing campaign.
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An Efficient Outreach Agency

Good outreach takes time to do and a significant investment in time and resource to get right. We have been doing outreach of all scales and types since 2008 and as such we understand that to get your outreach right you need to know your message and your audience well. For micro influencer or blogger level the language and pitch needs to be significantly different than if you were pitching a story idea to a major journalist and the publication they write for. We choose our style and message to align with the goals of the link building campaign and the audience we are trying to engage with.

Human To Human Conversations

Gone are the days of scripting some mass message to thousands of recipients in the hope that your offer chimes with a percentage of those people. Good outreach help now requires correct identification of the target, understanding what is likely to motivate them and what they typically respond to and them making a real human to human connection so the conversation is easily seen to be of mutual benefit for both parties.

A Direct But Success Driven Approach

We don’t outreach for the sake of outreach, every communication has to have a goal in mind. We call this ‘messaging with a close in mind’. Every email or phone call we have should have a clear goal in mind, whether that is asking to take working together to the next step or simply agreeing to speak again once we have refined our offer. By being constantly aware and focussed on the close, the goal of the conversation, we maintain momentum in our outreach and improve our chances of success for the campaign.

Long Term Relationships Matter

For key partners and targets we value the long term relationships that we build. By fostering those relationships beyond the initial outreach we make our chances of uncovering opportunities before our competition and we make sure that we can be more successful in future campaigns.

GDPR Compliant Outreach

It’s always important to make sure that any outreach you do is compliant with relevant legislation and directives and we take that very seriously. There are a number of reasons that are acceptable for processing data under GDPR, the one relevant to outbound emailing is Legitimate Interest. Simply put this means that the offer being presented to the person you’re outreaching to has to be relevant to them in order for you to process the data. We always ensure that we explain clearly who we are, why we are contacting them and give them ways of opting out of further communications from us.

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