What makes a powerful link profile?

Busting through some myths and getting to the truth of powerful links.

You cant take the raw link numbers as an indication of strength and you cant discount using links just because of fear.
When you look at your link profile there are a number of factors that will influence how much power there is in your profile: -

Factors impacting link strength


What links have had to be disavowed previously?

Almost every site will now have a disavow file lodged with Google. In some cases you might not have touched it in a while.. is it still working? 1000% yes and it will be reducing the risk and the equity that your profile has. 
Powerful profiles have efficient, lean disavow files that are there to negate the risk only.


How many links are Google likely to be ignoring through Penguin?

Google uses Real Time Penguin to ignore those links that it thinks only exist to manipulate rankings. This can be a far higher percentage of your remaining link equity than many people think. If you've been around a long time and have done SEO work over a number of years it's a good bet that a decent percentage of that is now being ignored by Google.


Whats the trust and value in the linking domains you have now?

Links pass their value in a number of different ways, having a lot of high profile linking domains is great but the most powerful profiles have a mix of the star links and those that help reinforce your sites position in the link graph for the terms that you rank for.

Fear is the enemy of strong link profiles

"We stopped link building because of the risk and just do PR now... only the nationals are worth getting"
We hear this all the time. Whilst it is important to have campaigns that can pursue those top tier publications and their links, they do not provide as much ranking movement as many people assume. If you are being told that 1 link from a top tier site is worth 100 from the mid range then there is no evidence to back that up at all.

Having a varied link profile is very important in creating strength and the power to rank. Never assume you can get one amazing link from a national publication and suddenly you will rank.

Don't let the fear of link building prevent you from building that strong and varied profile.

The strongest profiles touch all parts of the link graph around your niche

Google knows the intent and the journey of every search they see, your site needs to be fully connected to that journey and links are how you do that.
If you think of someone who's influential in a particular niche, they will be mentioned by most people in that niche. They will also be pictured with and known by every other person in that niche. That is what makes them influential, their celebrity and respect comes from how the rest of the niche views them.

It's the same for your sites, if a site is powerful it's because it's mentioned at every level and every opportunity, not because it had a day or two in the sun when a news story mentioned it.

This is why we build a Target Universe of possibilities for your link building campaigns. It's this work that allows us to see all the places we want to reach so we can build that strong, powerful and influential presence in your niche. 
The less interesting but important stuff
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